How do we process your data? – Let’s find out

How do we process your data? – Let's find out

Let’s begin

What is personal data?

All data related to an identified or identifiable person is personal data. In other words, data that can be used to identify a person directly or indirectly, such as by combining an individual data item with some other piece of data that enables the identification, are personal data. Persons can be identified by their name, personal identity code or some other specific factor.

Why we process personal data?

In order for us to provide our services, we might need to process your personal data. For example, our webpage would not be functional without core cookies. We also ask your consent for collecting statistical data about our users to improve our website. We might also process your data based on a contractual relationship with you or other relevant grounds.

Your data

Where you process my personal data?

We are processing personal data for a variety of different purposes and therefore the data location and the form to process the data varies. Data could be stored in manual form or either electronically as described in our detailed privacy policies for every system. Data is usually stored within the European Union or in countries with which the Commission has made an ‘adequacy decision’.

What rights I have to my data?

Usually, your rights vary based on the region where you are located. Because Zoan is a company incorporated in Finland we are obliged to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation also known as GDPR. Therefore you enjoy all the same rights as persons residing within the EU.

In general, you have the right to be informed (we are doing that currently while you’re reading this), the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object and rights around automated decision making and profiling. You also have always right to complain about our practises and decisions made concerning data protection to the national data protection authority.

“The GDPR has been taking on a role as a global de-facto standard. It enables necessary action in a democratic society, but only to the extent of what is required.”

“The GDPR has been taking on a role as a global de-facto standard. It enables necessary action in a democratic society, but only to the extent of what is required.”

-Reijo Aarnio, the former Data Protection Ombudsman of Finland

And a bit more

Read more about our processing activities

Earlier you read general information concerning our processing activities. As mentioned we have several different systems and those have their unique features. For that reason, we have compiled detailed descriptions which is essential for you to understand how we process your data. Please find descriptions from pages linked down below.

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Excercise your rights

We would like to ensure your ability to exercise rights guaranteed by the data protection laws. We suggest using our digital system for exercising your rights, it is a convenient fully digital manner of exercising the rights.

Click here to exercise your rights